People first

1 Site, 1 WIFI, 1 Community!

Thanks to Degemap App, people sharing the same environment get connected.

Wellness Statistics

Each group members generates its statistic to follow up its own experience. The site admin gets an overview of the site well being.

Digital Observation Cards

A smartphone and its camera is a powerful tool to report any positive or negative situation and share improvement opportunity.

Ultimate data safety and security!

Our social network and your personal data can remain disconnected from internet and can be embedded in a box physically under your control!

Degemap for industry

BG Team up offers to international industry project teams, especially within the offshore and onshore industry, a mobile app with 2 objectives: unite the team and offer an agile HSE tool functional without internet access or mobile network. Too many offshore professionals have very limited social interaction with their colleagues.

BG Team up also upgrades all smartphones with observation card editor functionality and offers access to HSE materials.

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Degemap for marina

Develop your marina users crew spirit!

Get in contact with the other sailors present in the marina, be notified of the arrival of visitors, share live info about port access and facilities.

Let's connect the pontoons!

Degemap App is deployable worldwide through a cloud service or a box (server 1U) to be connected to the local WIFI.

Our Team

Gary Bagot (CEO)

Gary started his career with the French navy and continued with 10 years in the O&G industry working first for Boskalis and then Technip. With a strong knowledge of survey operations Gary also has experience of ultra-deep water international project management, Gary joined iXblue as sub-sea inertial product manager, and is responsible for promoting innovative and cost efficient solutions to the energy market

Benoit Bertholon (CTO)

Benoit is currently working as CTO of a FinTech Startup. He graduated from ISEP as an Engineer and obtained a Master in "Secure and dependable computer System", from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. Additionally, he received a PhD degree in computer science from the University of Luxembourg.


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Big demo day for BG Team Up, presentation of our app Degemap to 130 investors. Thank you École Polytechnique for this great event organisation!! (4th Feb 2020)


We are looking for new talent!

Team Up is an innovative start-up with its sights set on becoming a world reference in community welfare and digitalization.

Available position:

  • Full stack developer: JavaScript, reactjs, HTML 4/5, CSS3, good UX designing skills, Progressive web app development. Git versioning software, unittesting, webpack, npm, yarn ... Extra qualifications: Python, MySQL, linux administration.

You want to know more about Team Up product and solution?

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